Native Medicinals

Coast Buckwheat-Eriogonum Latifolium  - Native Medicinal ( photo Tennessee Valley 6/17/2011DC)
Edible, Many medicianl uses. Root and stalk to treat headaches, stomachaches, coughs and colds.coast buckwheat tea has and  anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for centuries by Native American herbalists. the roots can be used as and eyewash for sore eyes. 
California Poppy - Eschscholzia Californica - Native Medicinal   ( Photo Marin Headlands 6/15/2011DC)
The California Poppy can be used as a mild sedative, to relieve tension and anxiety, as will as general pain relieve.
Coast Sage - Artemesia Califonica - Native Medicinal  ( Photo Marin Headlands 6/15/2011DC)
Leaves can be used as a cooking herb for tea and food flavoring. Indigenous groups made sacred wands from the wod and used leaves to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. 
Seaside Daisy- Erigeron Glaucua ( Photo Cronkite Beach 6/12/2011DC)
Ceremonial use by indigenous people to uplift the spirit. 
Pearly Everlasting - Anaphalis margaritacea - Native medicianl (Photo Marin Headlands 6/15/2011DC)
Pearly Everlasting can be made into a soothing anti- inflammatory and an astringent tea that can be used to treat stomach ailments. The fuzzy leaves can also aid in the healing of bruises and decrease swelling. Moistened leaves can be applied directly to a wound. 
Lizard Tail - Eriophyllum Staechadifolium- Native medicianl (Photo Marin Headlands 6/15/2011DC)
Lizard tail seeds have been dried and ground into flour by some indigenous peoples. Coast Miwok have used the seed to make pinole, a ground meal made of seeds. 
Wild Mustard -Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Seeds for digestion or poultice for bronchial congestion, substitute for pepper.
Thistle -Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Edible, Tonic for liver, respiratory congestion,dermatitis, venereal disease.

Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium  Native Medicinal ( photo Tennessee Valley - 6/17/2011)
Used as a for reducing feavers. Leaves used to help stop wounds from bleeding and the roots can be chewed for gum and tooth problems. Cold remedy and anelgesic, vascular tonic, insect repellent.
Stone Crop-Dudlea Farinosa - Native Medicinal (Photo Marin Headlands 6/17/2011DC)
Enitre plant edible, Indigenous people ate the stems and the leaves. Field remedy for minor burns and skin irritations, sore throat and eye irritations.
Gum Plant -Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Tea - Leaves high in vitamin and mineral, Female tonic for reproductive organs.

Wild Rose y -Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Hips High in Vitimin C for Tea - All parts used for wide range of cures from sore throat, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, to  bandaging wounds and burns. Treatment of colic and heartburn. leaves for insect bites and burns.
Nettle -Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Edible Delicious and nutritious. must cook or dry. High in Calcium, A, C and D. wonderful tonic. Tea postpartum tonic to regulate menstrual flow and replace vitamins and minerals lost in childbirth. 

 Usnea Lichen-Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011
Effective against wide spechtrum of bacterial and funghal infections may be more effective than penicillin for streptococcus, pneumococcus and tuberculosis and anti-tumor effects in studies. Emergency first aid apply directly to wound for antimicrobial compress. 
Cow Parsnip-Tennessee Valley - Native Medicinal 6/17/2011DC
Edible, Seeds  digestive antispasmodic, diarrhea remedy, green seeds mild anesthetic.
Cow Parsnip-Heracleum lanatum - Native Medicinal (photo Tennessee Valley 6/17/2011DC)
Roots used to relieve muscular pain and pain caused from arthritus. Indigenous cultures peeled
 and ate the new shoots of cow parsnip as a winter green. The hollow stems  where also used to carry water.  
Edible, Seeds  digestive antispasmodic, diarrhea remedy, green seeds mild anesthetic.